How to Use MailChimp to Create a Marketing Campaign

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How To Use Mail Chimp To Sell Products

MailChimp is a popular tool to create and analyze marketing campaigns. It has a free plan for starters and three others for those in need of more resources. The first steps of its registration are very easy, with simple information and guidance to help define the best path towards your campaign. You’ll be ready to use MailChimp to create a marketing campaign.

Any e-commerce shop, especially those with a Dropshipping strategy, can benefit from the use of its services. With lists of e-mail, it’s possible to send to customers fully customized e-mails that will convert in sales. In fact, it’s possible to customize the use of the service towards online sales.

Next thing, you’ll be led through a comprehensive explanation to set up your account and begin.

1. Let’s Start

Now what? Read what MailChimp has to offer at their own homepage.

This guide will direct those certain that they want to implement a quality marketing campaign to their shop. In case of doubt, take a quick read throughout the homepage. There are links that better explain every single feature.

Once you are ready, click on Sign Up Free to begin to use MailChimp to create a marketing campaign.

1.1 Create Your Account

Simple beginning: Create an account.

The simplest and fastest step. All you need is to define a username and password according to the instructions. Use an e-mail that is related to your business so it won’t be harder to manage. Click on “Get Started!” to continue.

1.2 Choose a Plan

What is your degree of investment at the moment?

There are four plans available at MailChimp. The free plan offers up to 2,000 different contacts. Of course, the features and resources increase with the more expensive plans. Consider how many contacts you intend to reach with your campaign. It’s possible to upgrade later.

1.3 How Many Subscribers?

How many people do you intend to reach?

Those shop owners who already have an e-commerce shop probably have a list of e-mails. Within them, clients and prospects to reach with marketing campaigns and promotional e-mails. At least, that’s a very important business strategy if you have a Dropshipping store or any kind of online shop.

If that’s the case, answer accordingly at this step of the process. In case you didn’t create a list, or is only beginning your business, select “No”.

2. Initial Marketing Preparation

You’ll answer a lot of questions, to define your marketing path.

Your account is ready. From this moment on, you’ll answer a few quick questions to define the last essential details. They will relate to the type of marketing campaign you’ll like to set up. When answering, pay attention to those related to e-commerce and answer accordingly.

Now your account is all set up to start. Before defining the design, you’ll be prompted to connect your store, if you use a supported platform.

3. It’s Design Time!

Time to define the design for your campaigns.

You can choose between starting from scratch, using a simple layout that you can modify or making an announcement with news to your contacts. From here, you should dedicate a good amount of time to prepare proper arrangements. Remember that the client has to feel attracted to click on the links.

3.1 Drag and Drop

Drag and drop until you are satisfied.

MailChimp designed a platform that is user-friendly, with a panel full of options. All you need to do to include anything is to drag and drop. For exclusions, you only have to click once on the trash button.

The three main areas with editing options are:

  1. Content – Here you add texts, image, buttons, products and even the promo codes you wish to promote. Too much information can have a negative effect on the client. That said, make sure only to add what is necessary, and not to overuse all the possible options.
  2. Design – You can change shapes, fonts, and colors. After modifying structures and blocks, the colors are what can help sell a product via a marketing campaign. Again, don’t overuse without necessity. There are colors which are proper to call attention to the products, while others you should avoid altogether. You can learn what are the uses of each color by searching on the web.
  3. Comments – This is a unique and essential feature. With it, you can send a test campaign that won’t reach all the contacts. According to their feedback, you can customize your campaign as much as you wish.

Once you are ready, you only need to save and continue to use MailChimp to create a marketing campaign.

4. Final Details

It’s time to decide the final details of your campaign.

You can title the campaign you just designed and add the final details of it. Among the things you should do right now, you’ll find:Who will receive this e-mail. Is it for a certain group of subscribers, such as new customers?

  1. Who will receive this e-mail? Is it for a specific group of subscribers, such as new customers?
  2. Who will you identify as the sender?
  3. What is the subject? It’s of great importance that it calls the attention of your customers.
  4. Chance to review the content.

When everything is ready, you can schedule for whenever you wish or send it already. From now on, you can repeat the same steps for any campaign you want to send.

Final Considerations

Keeping in touch with clients and prospects is one of the most important strategies to increase the traffic of an online shop. They want to know about discounts and promo codes for their favorite products. Perhaps that’s all they are waiting to complete another or their first purchase at your website.

Building a list is crucial, but keeping the contacts interested too. They can unsubscribe at any moment, and it’s your duty to respect their choice. To maintain them, you must provide quality content within the marketing campaigns.

Using professional services such as MailChimp can help in that matter. You can design e-mails from models or create anything from scratch with extra guidance. Also, scheduling e-mails for the best moment could help a lot in attracting customers.

All you need to do is to set up your account and begin to use MailChimp to create a marketing campaign.

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