Terms of Service


Welcome to the Terms of Service of MyDrop.Shop.

MyDrop.Shop is a product of My Drop Shop OÜ. In these Terms of Service, you will be referred to both, MyDrop.Shop as a service provider, and My Drop Shop OÜ as an entity.

By registering to MyDrop.Shop and using any service of the My Drop Shop OÜ or our affiliates, you agree to the terms and conditions (Terms of Service in the continuation) presented on this page. All the services and products provided by MyDrop.Shop are covered by these Terms of Services and they serve to help our customers sell their products and services to potential buyers. The sale can take place online (Online Services) in person (POS) or both. Any service of that kind provided by My Drop Shop OÜ refers to the Terms of Services as “Services”. In case new features and tools are added to the existing Services, the same Terms of Service will apply to them. My Drop Shop OÜ is allowed to change or update the Terms of Service directly on the MyDrop.Shop website. It is recommended for all the customers to check regularly the Terms of Service in case there is an update that might interest them.

Before becoming a MyDrop.Shop user, you must read all the terms and conditions presented on this page; agree with them and accept them, including our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum (DPA).

By continuing to use MyDrop.Shop, you agree to the terms presented in the continuation. The same terms and conditions apply to all the My Drop Shop OÜ services. Stay up-to-date with this page.

  1. Account Terms

  1. In order to utilize this Service, you must be at least 18 years old.
  2. For the access and utilization of the Services, you are required to register for a MyDrop.Shop account (Account). To do that, you must provide your full name, address, email address, phone number and other relevant information. My Drop Shop OÜ is allowed to reject your application or close your Account in case it is necessary.
  3. You understand that My Drop Shop OÜ will utilize your email address as the main method to communicate with you.
  4. The security of your password is your responsibility. My Drop Shop OÜ is not responsible for a loss or damage that you may experience in case you fail to maintain your login details in private.
  5. You hold responsibility for all the activities of your accounts, including posting written content, videos, images, graphics, audio files, codes, and any information that is uploaded, generated, collected, stored, distributed, displayed, transmitted or presented on your Account.
  6. In case you violate any of the terms presented on this page, My Drop Shop OÜ is allowed to immediately terminate your services definitely.
  1. Account Activation

My Drop Shop OÜ Account

  1. The person that registers the account in order to utilize the Service will be responsible for all the activities on the account and will be referred to as the Account Owner. We will contact this individual for any purpose regarding the account.
  2. In case you are registering for the Service under the instructions of your employer, the employer will be the Account Owner. In this case, you represent your employer and accept the inclusion of your employer in the My Drop Shop OÜ Terms of Service.

PayPal Checkout and My Drop Shop OÜ Payments

  1. Following your registration, My Drop Shop OÜ will open a PayPal Express Checkout account for you with the email address you provided. We may also create you a My Drop Shop OÜ account, depending on the location.
  2. You understand and accept that PayPal will be your main payment method and that you, as an Account Owner, have the responsibility of maintaining this account safe and secure. In case you want to close this payment account, you must deactivate it yourself. Note that PayPal Checkout is not integrated with MyDrop.Shop; it is a third-party service.

Domain Names

  1. Following your purchase of the domain name through MyDrop.Shop, the registration of the domain will require an automatic re-purchase every year, for as long as your My Drop Shop OÜ stays active. You understand that it is your responsibility to unable the auto-renewal, in case you want to stop that action.


The person that signs up to MyDrop.Shop holds the responsibility for the account and it is aware of the Terms of Service presented in this text. In case you register for your employer, the employer will be the owner of the account that also accepts these Terms of Service.

We create certain accounts automatically, in order to allow payments for your online store. In case you want to activate or deactivate these accounts, you must do it on your responsibility.

If you purchase a domain through MyDrop.Shop, it will renew automatically until you decide to opt out.

  1. General Conditions

You must read the terms and conditions on this page, agree with them and accept them before becoming a My Drop Shop OÜ member.

  1. Only the paying Account holders may ask for the technical support, which is available only via email.
  2. The Terms or Services are interpreted and conducted according to the laws of the United Kingdom and Canadian laws. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom courts regarding any potential dispute or inquiry associated with our Terms of Services. Our terms and conditions exclude the United Nations Convention on Contracts in cases of international sales.
  3. You understand and agree that My Drop Shop OÜ may change and/or update the Terms of Service anytime. These terms will be updated on our website and they are valid and effective from the date we post them. By continuing to use our Services after the updates, you agree and accept them. In case you disagree with any change presented in our Terms of Service, you can end your utilization of the Service.
  4. You are not allowed to use My Drop Shop OÜ service for unauthorized and/or illegal purposes, neither can you violate laws in your jurisdiction in the usage of the service. You cannot violate any laws that apply to the jurisdiction of your customer or you nor laws of the United Kingdom as an entity.
  5. You agree not to duplicate, reproduce, sell, resell, copy or exploit any aspect of the Service, its utilization or access without written permission issued by My Drop Shop OÜ.
  6. You agree not to buy a search engine or pay per click keywords or domain names with the My Drop Shop OÜ trademarks and variations.
  7. You should send all the questions regarding the Terms of Service to the email of our support team (support@mydrop.shop)
  8. You acknowledge that the materials you provide to MyDrop.Shop could be transferred unencrypted through different networks. The only data that will never be sent unencrypted is your Credit Card information and payments through PayPal.
  9. You understand and accept that your utilization of the Service, together with the transmitted and stored information is governed by the My Drop Shop OÜ privacy policy, presented at https://mydrop.shop/privacy
  10. The Terms of Service could possibly be available in various language. In case there are any misunderstandings of the Terms of Use described in other languages other than English, you must know that the most accurate and up-to-date Terms of Service is the English version.


The MyDrop.Shop Service belongs entirely to My Drop Shop OÜ. You do not have permission to take it or involve it in illegal activities.

If you wish to arise a dispute, you will deal with it in the Province of Harju Maakond.

The materials you provide to us can be transferred unencrypted, all except the Credit Card Information that is always sent encrypted.

  1. My Drop Shop OÜ Rights

  1. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to change or terminate the Service without any notice, for any reason.
  2. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to decline service to any individual at any time, for any reason.
  3. My Drop Shop OÜ might but is not obligated to eliminate materials of the user and suspend or close accounts in case we determinate that products or services provided through the store go against the Terms of Service.
  4. Any type of abuse of the MyDrop.Shop customer, My Drop Shop OÜ employee, officer or member will lead to an Account closure.
  5. My Drop Shop OÜ doesn’t pre-screen the materials. We are allowed to decline or eliminate any materials from the Service, in case we find it inappropriate.
  6. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to offer our services to your rivals, without any promise of the exclusivity of a specific market element. You understand and accept that My Drop Shop OÜ’s employees can also be the customers and/or merchants that could possibly be your competitors. In that case, they will not be allowed to use any information about you.
  7. In case the launch of a dispute associated with the ownership of the Account, My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to ask for any relevant documentation that may confirm the ownership of the Account. These documents may include a copied business license, photo ID, four digits of your Credit Card, and others.
  8. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to end the ownership of the account and transmit it to its rightful owner. In case we are not able to determine the owner of the Account, we have the right to disable it until finding the correct solution.


My Drop Shop OÜ can modify, eliminate or decline Service anytime, without prior notice.

In case there is an ownership dispute over the MyDrop.Shop account, we have the right to suspend the account or give the ownership the rightful owner.

  1. Limitation of Liability

  1. You understand and accept that My Drop Shop OÜ is not liable for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or/and consequential damages, as well as profit loss, utilization, data and similar losses that could result from the utilization or failure to utilize the service.
  2. My Drop Shop OÜ or our suppliers cannot be liable for the profit loss or any damages that could be associated with the connection to MyDrop.Shop, our services or our Terms of Service. You accept not to blame us or our affiliates and/or partners, employees and suppliers for any damages that may occur and to keep us unharmed from any demands or claims, including the attorneys’ fees, made by a third-party as a consequence of the breach of our Terms of Service or your violation of the rights or laws of any third-party.
  3. You utilize the Service only at your own risk. No service has a warranty, condition, express, statutory or implied.
  4. My Drop Shop OÜ cannot guarantee that the Service will always be secure, timely, error-free and without any interruptions.
  5. My Drop Shop OÜ does not guarantee that all the results you obtain by using the Service will be reliable and accurate.
  6. My Drop Shop OÜ does not guarantee that the quality of the services, products, information and purchased or obtained materials will satisfy you nor that we will correct any errors of the Service.


In case you break the law, violate these Terms of Service or violate any rights of the third-party, we will not be responsible by any means.

Service is offered “as is” and cannot guarantee constant stable and free-of errors use.

  1. Waiver and Complete Agreement

In case My Drop Shop OÜ fails to perform or enforce any specific right or provision indicated by the Terms of Service, it will not constitute a waiver of that provision or right. The Terms of Service, as well as the documentation it incorporates by reference, constitute the agreement between the user and MyDrop.Shop and will govern the utilization of the Service, superseding previous agreements of the My Drop Shop OÜ and the user.


If My Drop Shop OÜ finds it correct not to enforce any provisions at a certain time, it doesn’t mean that the company gives up on the right to do so later.

The Terms of Services presented in this text create an agreement for the user. By that, it is considered that any prior agreements between the user and the My Drop Shop OÜ are not valid, in case they do not match these terms.

  1. Intellectual Property and Customer Content

  1. My Drop Shop OÜ does not claim any property rights associated with the materials presented to the MyDrop.Shop service. All the materials you provide will remain yours. In case you decide to delete your Account, you can eliminate all these materials from the MyDrop.Shop store.
  2. By providing materials, you accept and agree to give permission to internet users to see your publicly posted materials; to give permission to the My Drop Shop OÜ to store your materials; to allow My Drop Shop OÜ to review your materials at any time.
  3. You are the sole owner of the materials you provide to the MyDrop.Shop. However, you must know that once your store is public, other viewers can see all the materials you post. These materials are, thereon, your responsibility.
  4. My Drop Shop OÜ will not share the confidential information with third-parties in any regular case. The confidential information can involve all the materials or information that the public does not have access to. The confidential information doesn’t include the cases where the information was available at the public domain when we received it when the information arrives into the public domain after we received it when we receive the information from someone else and/or the law requires us to share the information.
  5. My Drop Shop OÜ doesn’t have the right to utilize the names, service marks, trademarks, and logos related to your store in order to promote our Service.


You remain the owner of all the materials you upload to MyDrop.Shop and you also hold responsibility for all the activities related to those materials.

  1. Payment of Fees

  1. You are obligated to pay the fees that apply your subscriptions to the Online Services, as well as any applicable fees associated with your account, including the transaction fees.
  2. You are obligated to maintain a valid and active Credit Card or PayPal Subscription in our system, in order to pay for all the fees of your subscriptions. We will charge these fees to your Credit Card or PayPal account that you previously authorized. We will charge you from the authorized card and PayPal account for all the fees until the moment you terminate the Services or you pay some fees fully.
  3. The Subscriptions Fees require the advanced payment and you will be charged for them every 30 days. The Transaction and Additional fees will only apply occasionally, depending on your actions and purchases. The fees will show up on the invoice we send to the Account Owner on the provided email address. This invoice will also show up the Account page of your MyDrop.Shop administration console.
  4. If your authorized card or PayPal account does not process the payment, we will try again after 3 days. If the attempt is unsuccessful again, we will repeat the process after another 3 days; if unsuccessful, we could possibly suspend your Account. You will be able to reactivate your Account after paying for the outstanding fees. While your account is suspended, you will not have access to it. In case the outstanding fees are not paid 60 days after the suspensions, My Drop Shop OÜ has the right to close your Account.
  5. All the fees comply with the federal, state, provincial, local and/or other sales, products and services, fees and charges, harmonized or/and other taxes.
  6. It is your responsibility to take care of the applicable Taxes of your subscriptions and purchases. They base on the rates that apply to your billing address. These rates are paid from our authorized card, together with other fees. If you refuse to pay these taxes, you must show the proof of your refusal, which could include the original certificate with the applicable legal requirements that’s that attest the status of your tax-exempt. The exemption of the tax will be valid after we receive the satisfactory evidence for it. In case we don’t charge you taxes, you hold the responsibility of determinating these taxes, if payable, and remitting taxes to the tax authorities.
  7. You need to stay at your location in the administration menu of the online store by My Drop Shop OÜ, provided to you. You should update your location when we move jurisdictions. In case you change the jurisdiction, you need to update the menu of your location.
  8. We do not provide any refunds to our customers.
  1. Cancellation and Termination

  1. You are allowed to cancel your MyDrop.Shop account anytime by contacting the support team at (EMAIL) and following their instructions.
  2. After terminating the Services by either you or MyDrop.Shop:
  1. MyDrop.Shop will stop providing the Services to you and you will not have access to your Account.
  2. You will not receive any fees refunds unless it is clearly indicated that you should in the Terms of Services.
  3. In case you have any outstanding bills that you owe to MyDrop.Shop, we will request the full payment immediately.
  4. Your online store will go offline.
  1. In case you bought a domain name on our website, the automatic renewal will stop once you cancel the domain. From there on, you are responsible for all the actions associated with your domain.
  2. In case you owe us any outstanding fees at the moment of the Service termination, we will send you the last invoice. When you pay for that invoice fully, we will not charge you again.
  3. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to change or end a My Drop Shop OÜ service or your Account without any prior notice, for any reason.
  4. Fraud – In case we notice any suspicious activity of your Account that may connect the fraudulent activity with the site, we are allowed to suspend or cancel your Account.


In order to start the cancellation procedure, please contact support@mydrop.shop. MyDrop.Shop will provide you with the necessary information that will help you cancel your Account. Once canceled, the domains you bought via MyDrop.Shop will stop renewing automatically. In case you cancel the account while in the middle of the billing cycle, we will send you the last invoice via email.

My Drop Shop OÜ is allowed to change or close your account anytime. In case we notice a fraudulent action or any other violation of terms, we could suspend you or delete your Account.

  1. Service and Prices Modifications

  1. The prices of our Services can change at any time with prior notice from MyDrop.Shop, 30 days before the change. We can provide this type of notice anywhere, including our website or the administration menu.
  2. My Drop Shop OÜ reserves the right to change or close the Services, without any prior notice.
  3. My Drop Shop OÜ is not liable to any third-party nor you for the modification, suspension, and other activities.


We can determine your account at any time we find it necessary, without any liability.

  1. Third Party Services

  1. Along with our Terms of Services, you also agree and accept any terms by additional services that apply to the services that you use for your purchases or you provide to your users.
  2. My Drop Shop OÜ may recommend, provide or enable third-party software, tools, services, products or links of the websites. You can consider the utilization of these materials and estimate how convenient they are for your needs. My Drop Shop OÜ only shows these third-party services to you at our own convenience. Any further interaction between you and the third-party stays inclusively between you and the service provider. Before using any service, you should read the terms and conditions and later decide whether you want to use these services at your own risk. Some cases of your visits provide My Drop Shop OÜ with a revenue share so it is clear that we only base these relationships on our common interests.
  3. My Drop Shop OÜ does not provide warranties regarding third-party services. You understand that My Drop Shop OÜ does not have the control over the third-party services and we shall not be liable for these third-party services. The way the third-party services interact with you, as well as their availability, does not constitute by authorization, endorsement and other affiliation by My Drop Shop OÜ. We cannot guarantee the availability of the third-party services and you are allowed to disable to access of these services to your account at any time. You should inform yourself about the third-party service before using it.
  4. In case you install a third-party service to utilize it with the Services, you provide us with the permission to allow the third-party provider person to take your information and perform any actions that require the interaction between the third-party service and the user. We do not hold responsibility for the closure, adjustment or elimination of your data and/or other materials, nor any potential losses and damages you might experience.
  5. One of the third-party-services is the Google Map, utilized by the Services. By using the Service, you accept the Google Maps and Earth Enterprise Universal Acceptable Use Policy, as Google can change it occasionally.
  6. My Drop Shop OÜ can in no way be liable for any damages that could occur from the third-Party services, including a direct, indirect, special, incidental, and other damages. The limitations should apply even when MyDrop.Shop has been warned about these possibilities.
  7. You accept and agree to keep all the My Drop Shop OÜ partners, members, employees, directors, and others free of worry, without an association with the potentially-harmful legal matters.


My Drop Shop OÜ is not responsible for any third-party services you may find advertised on our website. You can utilize them at your own risk.

In case you use a third-party service from the platform, you allow MyDrop.Shot to send that data to the services. In case you want to use them, be aware that My Drop Shop OÜ doesn’t have a warranty for those services.


  1. DMCA Notice and Takedown

My Drop Shop OÜ is a supporter of the intellectual property protection and we ask all of our merchants to become the same. Our policy requires us to respond to any copyright issues that may occur. In case an individual or a group believe that a merchant associated with us is infringing the intellectual property, they should send the DMCA Notice to the assigned agent. After receiving the notice, you can eliminate or disable the access to your materials. When provided with the takedown notice, the merchant should reply within 14 business days in case he wants to access counter information and look for a court order that couldn’t.

Privacy & Data Protection

My Drop Shop OÜ places the privacy protection on the very top of our priorities. By utilizing the Service, you understand and agree that all the collection, utilization and disclosure of your personal data is operated by our النظم الداخلية.

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