How to Setup the Perfect Facebook Ad

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We’ve setup our adset in the last article. Now it’s time to find out how to setup the perfect Facebook ad. If you haven’t read the previous article I suggest you go back and read it again. This post will be building on top of it so the foundational knowledge is essential.

A Facebook ad is essentially what your audience will see when they are on Instagram and Facebook. It can be utilised in a native page post format or in an advert format. In this article we will be talking about the advert format primarily. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The native post format makes the ad appear more normal and less sales-like. This could possibly make your audience more receptive to your ad. People are becoming less receptive to ads online as they increase in frequency. There is such a phenomena as “banner blindness” as well. This is when ads do not stand out to the user and they completely ignore them.

The advert format allows you more customization options such as including a call to action button. This can help spur the user into action by clicking your ad and visiting your store.

How to Setup the Perfect Facebook Ad – Video or Image

Ahh, the age old question. Should we use a video or image for our ads? There has been a lot of debate about this in recent years but the results are finally in. There is no doubt that videos are better. In the vast majority of instances, videos outperform images in vital ad metrics on Facebook.

Think of how much more entertainment and persuasion you can fit into a minute long video compared to a picture. You can show the product being used from multiple different angles. With a single image, you are severely limited with what you can do.

Videos get higher Click Through Rates (CTR), and lower Cost Per Clicks (CPC). These are key metrics if you want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad. This means you can get better results with the same ad spend. If you have a business mind you will know this is fantastic news. Yes, videos can result in more sales too!

It sounds like I’m praising videos to the moon and back. Videos are great but they won’t make up for a bad product or marketing. It is merely one piece of the puzzle. Using video will not magically result in more sales unless you are doing everything else right.

Test, Test, Test!

Does this mean images should never be used? Not quite. Images can still work but the ecommerce competition is increasing as more people are entering this space. This means you have to put in more effort to stand out from the crowd. Facebook ads is all about testing.

You should test multiple different ad creatives. This means using different thumbnails for your video and testing an image won’t hurt either. With Facebook ads you can never be so sure. An image may outperform a video, although unlikely. Testing is essential in order to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad.

Facebook thrives off variation. The more options you give it, the greater chance you will give it to find your winning ad set. If you’re only testing one creative, you could be missing out on a lot of money.

How to Create Video Ads

Do you have to become a Hollywood producer to produce a Facebook video ad? Of course not. There may be a video you can use on the Aliexpress product page. You may be able to find one on other sites like YouTube. Just check with the owner if it’s alright to use.

You can also make your own video ads. The easiest way to do this is to take all the available product images and create a dynamic slideshow with music. I have found this to work well and it isn’t hard to do. Adobe Spark is a simple platform which allows you to create attractive videos.

The next step up is to order the product yourself and create a unique and engaging video. This requires more work but it can lead to better results. With this, you have more control and you can market the product exactly how you want to.

Your other option is to outsource the whole process. Hiring a video editor to create a stunning video for you can be a great idea. Although I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are consistently making money. It is more of a luxury than a “must have”.

A great video editor will be able to take snippets from other video ads (including competitors) to create a unique video perfect for Facebook. You now have many different options available to create a video with, no excuses! If you want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad, you should be using video.

Creating Your Facebook Ad

This part is enjoyable but it’s important to be in the right mindset. This is the ad our potential customers will see. With that said, we want it to be enticing.

First things first we need to go to the Ad section and name our ad. We’ll go for something simple, let’s call it “Purge Mask Video”. Genius, right?

The Facebook page “Festival Fashion for Her” is an old page of mine by the way. If we were running this ad properly, we would need to create a relevant page for the niche.

Next we’re asked to choose between “Create Ad” or “Use Existing Post”. In our case we’re picking Create Ad as this is our first time. After we create our ad, we can reuse it on multiple ad sets to save time.

This is done by copying the video ID in the Page Posts area. Once you know  how to setup the perfect Facebook ad, you can use it over and over again.


As we’ve already discussed, we’re selecting “Single video” for this ad. There are multiple different options and they all have different purposes. For example, carousel ads are great for retargeting those who have already engaged with our store.

Next we need to upload our video onto our ad. I’ve already made our Purge Mask video to use which will give you all a great example of what an ad should look like.

You can also select the thumbnail to use. This is the first image your audience will see before playing your ad. It is actually very important because if it’s not engaging, they will not watch your video. If they do not watch your video, they will not visit your site and buy your product.

Facebook selects thumbnails for you to use from the video. You can also upload a custom thumbnail. I recommend using an interesting image with bright and contrasting colours. This will help attract visitors to our site. We need to set ourselves apart from all the other ads out there.

Ad Copy

Now we need to write the copy for our ad. This is done in the Text section and it’s essential if we want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad. Writing compelling copy has been covered in multiple articles already but I’ll give this a quick run through.

Basically we want to compel the reader into action. That’s why we often start with a question. This is known as a “hook” and it’s designed to do exactly that. We want to hook the reader in. Ideally we want them nodding their head in agreement to our question.

Next we want to paint a picture in their head. We can either use negative or positive emotion. Try to show them what life will be like with your product or without it.

Use a couple unique emojis to paint a picture in their mind. A picture is worth a thousand words so don’t let it go to waste. Finally, don’t forget to include a Call To Action CTA. This is basically our order to tell the reader what to do next. For dropshipping, this will be a link to our product page with a command.

“” should be where your product link goes. I recommend shortening the link on but make sure the link is working before using it. This link should also be used in the “Website URL” below.


The “Call to action” box below is another chance to compel our audience to visit our site. I recommend using “Shop Now” as the CTA. You are welcome to split test other options but this is the option I recommend starting with. You don’t need to add any additional languages as we are only targeting English speakers.

Lastly, I want everyone to click on “advanced options”. In the “News feed link description” include 5 emoji stars like I have below. This may sound silly but it really does increase conversion rates. It won’t make you a millionaire but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Here is our sample ad in it’s final form. Imagine seeing this on your newsfeed. Someone who is a fan of the movie Purge and raves is likely to click on it to find out more.

Now you know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad. I hope you put this valuable information into action!

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