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Our story

We from MyDrop.Shop are Drop Shipping Experts Our Mission is to help entrepreneurs kickstart their drop shipping business. Since 2010 the leading core of the My Drop Shop Team has been operating several drop shipping businesses.

Our Founder and CEO Ismail Ramadan saw the need to establish a platform for drop shippers that combines the perfect shopping experience for their shop customers and also the easiest way to find and integrate Drop Shipping Products to the drop shippers shop.

"When we created My Drop Shop we wanted to create a platform that will help drop shippers to increase their sales by helping them to focus on their marketing rather than the maintenance of their online shop"

We are here for you

In just 1 Year Dropshippers have created over 900 Stores with My Drop Shop. The easy and convenient function that allows you to import products from wholesalers and integrate them into your own shop along with a very easy and highly modifiable online shop makes My Drop Shop a perfect solution for everyone who wants to start his drop shipping business.

You need people who know how to dropship to build a drop shipping business While creating and planning the My Drop Shop platform we always had in mind that we want to make things easy for our drop shippers and reduce their tasks of maintaining technical aspects of their online shop. The result is a platform that allows the drop shipper to focus totally on his sales while we cover the whole technical part.

We have also integrated all the essential functions into My Drop Shop that you need to run a successful drop shipping shop. View all Features of My Drop Shop

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