Can You Dropship With AliExpress?

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Ahh, the question everyone wants to know. The short answer is yes, you can dropship with AliExpress. The long answer is, double-yes.

The thing is Aliexpress and dropshipping were made for one another. Think of them as long lost lovers. They get along so well together.

Why is this important for you to know? Well, because you can profit handsomely from the relationship. You see, AliExpress suppliers don’t just tolerate dropshippers, they love them!

You can get in on this action as well by starting to dropship. As dropshipping grows in popularity, these Chinese wholesalers are profiting handsomely.

The Problem Suppliers Face

You see, they can produce awesome products at extremely cheap prices. This makes them potentially competitive. But there is one problem, they can’t market their products. Well, not as well as you can for them.

They don’t have the skills to advertise their products on Instagram pages or Facebook. So they need people to do it for them. That’s where dropshipping comes in. This makes them truly competitive.

We are the heroes AliExpress needs but doesn’t deserve (only joking we love you). Good dropshippers bring suppliers lots of customers and ultimately lots of money.

They don’t care if we markup the prices three times the price they’re selling them for. As long as they’re still making a healthy profit, it’s all good in the hood.

This is what many stores do already in fact. They buy super cheap products from China then markup the prices. Their customers buy the products and they keep the difference.

The only difference is as dropshippers we don’t have to buy any stock beforehand. This means fewer upfront costs and less risk too.

There’s no need for a physical store, just an online one. I mean if you’re super successful you could open up your own physical store one day. I’m certainly not going to stop you. Until that point, you can enjoy the reduced stress of having no inventory or shipping to worry about.

Dropship With AliExpress Suppliers the Right Way

So if you needed anymore information as to why it’s good to dropship with AliExpress, here it is. Many new dropshippers worry their customers will become annoyed if they find out their products are shipped from a random warehouse in China.

That’s where the suppliers come in and save the day. They are more than happy to remove invoices and promotional material for dropshippers. This can help you look like a real brand.

The goal is of course that you someday become a big brand! When you move up the ranks you can start asking them to include your own promotional materials. You can include free gifts and vouchers. This will have your customers coming back for more and more.

It’s all about treating them right at the end of the day. To get cozy with the suppliers you need to be giving them something they want. That means a lot of hungry customers. The more the better ideally.

If you are continually bringing your supplier hundreds of sales they will be more than happy to give you extra favors. This could include free gifts like we already talked about or reduced/free shipping.

Like I said, as long as they’re still making a profit they’re happy to help. Some people can fear problems communicating due to the language barrier.

As English is not their first language, of course, it won’t be perfect. You’ll find they will have a staff member who can speak English to communicate with you.

The trick is to speak clearly and simply. Also, try and be patient, imagine you had to speak in Mandarin. It wouldn’t be so fun then, right?

So if I haven’t convinced you already I don’t know what else I can do. Dropshipping and AliExpress are a match made in heaven.

This is a relationship everyone can profit from. What are you waiting for? Start to dropship with AliExpress now!

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