How to Use Social Media to Promote Your E-Commerce

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Almost everyone is using at least one social media nowadays. As someone who owns an e-commerce shop, you’ve got to understand and follow the trends. That’s especially true if you own a Dropshipping business, which wasn’t common only a few years ago. You must learn to use social media to promote your e-commerce store.

As everything is becoming more modern, you should accompany them.

Instead of focusing too much on a specific one, you should also diversify. Mostly, social media sites and apps have different functions, and you must seek the advantages of every and each one of them.

There is no need to spend hours studying them separately and risking to fail a few times. Play safe instead, reading our quick guide with a few hints to improve your business using social media.

1. Make the Public Part of the Business

Let your customers and prospects feel like they are genuinely interacting.

Don’t worry, that’s not about sharing profits with customers. The ancient times of talking to people in a formal and boring way are gone. People engage with content, which includes news and product releases, that they can interact with.

Watch social media such as Twitter and Youtube and check what the big companies are doing. They talk to their clients like they are close friends.

Why would your shop, no matter its size, be any different? It’s a matter of great importance these days when people want to get involved in everything.

How to do that?

Post the daily activity of your business. Let people know what has been added, which products are on sale and much more, always with a pleasant tone.

You can also set pools and ask people questions. Get them really involved in any theme you like, as long as it will somehow make them think about the brand or the products. People want to see the content and be part of what is happening. That’s a great strategy towards converting into sales.

Now, let’s continue with other hints on how to use social media to promote your e-commerce.

2. Offer Exclusivity

People who are interacting with your social media should feel special.

What is the use of thousands of followers and no purchases? You may now know everything about creating the perfect landing page. However, just adding links randomly to your social media won’t convert right away. People may not bother to click or even read what you wrote on the page.

After gathering a lot of followers, they need something different from others who are not following the pages. The feeling of exclusivity and being special may be the only thing left for the followers to become clients, or to continue buying?

What attract the followers of an E-commerce social page is basically the following:

  1. Discounts on the products;
  2. Special promotions;
  3. Free stuff.

When you combine that to the interaction mentioned in the first step, you get interested people looking at your shop. They will actually observe what is happening and what is being offered. You won’t fall to the nimbus of becoming one of the hundreds, maybe thousands of pages they follow.

Therefore, besides interacting and making them feel part of the business, you need to make them feel special. That way, you are another step ahead of the process to use social media to promote your e-commerce.

3. Use the Special Powers of Each Social Media

What is the best strategy for each social media?

Each different website or app has features that aren’t common to others. It’s vital to perceive what is useful to your business, to not miss a great opportunity. After all, creating a specific page is easy. The catch is on how to use it correctly to promote your Dropshipping or simple E-commerce shop.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is a massive channel to communicate, launch, and review products. That’s right, to review. Every single thing you sell can appear in Youtube and be presented with all its features, advantages and, of course, a link to purchase it on your shop.

  1. Facebook

While many people are moving to other social media, Facebook still is the most accessed of all. You can direct its ads campaigns to a specific public, showing your posts casually to attract other people’s interest.

  1. Instagram

Instagram offers the possibility of adding a purchase button to a picture that shows a product. There is nothing more direct to catch interested and impulsive customers.

These three are far from being a limited list. There are many other channels, while these are the most common ones that have a direct connection to sales. Twitter, for instance, is a great way to keep in touch with clients and give them the news.

You can continue searching for material to understand how social media can benefit your business. For now, let’s summarize our thoughts.


Everyone and every business that wants to grow is participating in all the social media pages and apps. Your shop, no matter if selling products of your own or acting as a Dropshipping business, should be there too.

There are many proper ways to promote your online store, but there are unique aspects to consider in that matter. Promoting on the web is easy, but everyone else is doing it, so you’ve got to make it right.

Understand the needs and thoughts of customers and prospects you want to attract. Make them a part of the business too, keeping them updated without too much focus on selling. They want to interact and to feel special for being part of a group, not only simply customers.

Each social media has features that are unique or work better than in others. Identify which elements are those and how to use them in your favor. Once you get the practice, nothing will stop you from promoting and converting clicks into sales in the blink of an eye.

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