How to Build a Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Shops

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Way beyond “search, add and sell,” the steps of a marketing plan are quite complicated. Fortunately, you don’t need to look further for some guidance on how to build a marketing strategy for E-commerce.

You need a plan for everything that you want to become successful. Luck does appraise some individuals, but that may not be your case. In order to seek results to an existing or future Dropshipping business, you need a strategy.

Within the next paragraphs and stages, you’ll be building from scratch a plan that will generate visitors, and convert visits into sales.

Use the powerful knowledge you are about to obtain. Instead of selecting a few hints that are easier or more practical to apply to your business, follow the guide thoroughly. Let’s begin.

1. The Power of Benchmarking

What others are doing to improve their business?

Do you know other Dropshipping shops selling the same products or working with the same niche?

Consider analyzing which keywords they use, where the majority of their organic traffic comes from, and anything else you can imply from what is available on the web. Many SEO tools help you to benchmark other stores in the same business.

However, it’s entirely possible to analyze the main strategies used by other companies or individuals. Their website will most likely show the products that sell the most, customers’ reviews, and what are their latest releases and news.

With all that information in your hands, there is a lot to use in your plan.

Your marketing strategy can be based on what is working for the competition. Do you ant your shopping to be like other Dropshipping business that is successful? You need to take what’s best on their side and apply it to your website.

2. Organize Your Plan

Organization is important before beginning to apply your new plan.

You have a couple of goals to achieve within the next weeks and months. Also, you have just collected a bunch of information to optimize your shop and your strategies according to what works for the competition. That’s simply a lot of information, especially if you work alone like many other Dropshipping owners.

Organization is a crucial point at the development of your plan. You need to structurize all the information, which will demand time but will be worth all the effort.

Don’t spend too much of your working time detailing the steps. The actions have to be simple to understand and doable, so you can only summarize them. You’ll prioritize the doings, rather than the theory.

Establish goals that you will seek on a daily basis, what should be obtained within the next week and what is the purpose for this month. That way, you’ll make all the adaptations and add all the content that is necessary to achieve your objective.

2.1 An Example

As an example, this is what a fake Dropshipping owner named Charles is doing after he weighted the value given by his competition to common customers:

  1. Add long descriptions to the products, with essential details on their features and a video that highlights their advantages [Every Day];
  2. Contact influencers on the web through e-mail to seek good partnerships [Every Day];
  3. Check Google Analytics for the most relevant keywords and define which ones to add and which ones to optimize [Once a week];
  4. Investigate the trends with Google Trends or similar tool and plan the next releases and change products to meet customers’ desires [Once every two weeks].

This is by no means limiting to how you should structure your new marketing plan. It’s a simple list, proving that you don’t need a fancy app to have a perspective and think about the growth of your business. Let’s continue to learn how to build a marketing strategy for E-commerce shops.

3. Establish a Post-Sale Approach

Keep contact with your customers instead of waiting for them to come back.

Most people think that a good marketing strategy has to do with conquering customers at all costs and nothing else. You do need and want people to find your shop and purchase their products there, but that isn’t all the plan is there for.

Most of your successful sales in the future may be from people who are already clients of your shop and purchased several times.

Therefore, after discovering what needs to be changed or included in your Dropshipping business and structuring your plan, you need to think about keeping the customers. Those to which your initial strategy was a success need more to keep interested.

There are a few things you can do to call their attention and keep in touch. The most common and useful tool for digital marketing nowadays is the e-mail, together with social media.

You can learn how to build a contact list for marketing campaigns, and use such a list to build a marketing strategy for e-commerce that involves e-mail campaigns.

Whatever is the path you decide to call them to action for a second purchase, you need it in your strategic plan. Follow this continuous step according to what you establish as a goal.

Like before, you’ll trace actions that must be done from time to time. People sometimes only can’t buy something or didn’t have the time to check your campaign. Perseverance is essential here, without pushing too hard on them.

So, here is what you need to know…

marketing strategy defines what you need to do to increase visits and conversions to your Dropshipping shop. There are many aspects involved it, enough to create a few books, but the main parts can be divided into three.

You’ll find out what the competition is doing and, together with the basics you should know about sales, build a general but precise plan to follow for a while.

Successful sales won’t mean the end of the plan, but its continuation with a complete follow-up and contact with your customers. That’s how you build a marketing strategy for E-commerce shops.

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