How to Increase Traffic of an Online Shop

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You created your e-commerce with products that you carefully chose to generate high profit. Now, you want to know how to increase traffic of an online shop. It’s not a simple task, due to the incredible competition, but everything is possible if you commit yourself.

Although there is not a specific order, keeping a method helps you not to lose focus. Therefore, this guide is structured as a step-by-step instruction. It’s possible to ignore one of the steps or to skip for a while, but it’s recommended to analyze them all.

Now that everything is clarified, time to understand how to increase traffic to your online shop.

1. Keep Clients Listed and Contact Them

Don’t ever lose contact.

In this case, clients are everyone who purchased at your store and the prospective customers. Basically, anyone that could mean another conversion at your page.

When someone purchases a product, it’s common to create an account. Therefore, you probably have the contact of most of your clients – maybe both e-mail and Whatsapp. It could be in your database, but the right thing to do is to export and create a list for them.

The hard task is to conquer prospects enough to get their contact too. Sometimes, offering a special discount works great if they show any interest in the products. It could also be attractive to provide hints related to the niche.

In any of the situations above, make sure to include an option to unsubscribe. It applies to Whatsapp, Facebook, E-mail and any others.

With an extensive list of e-mails that may generate visits, you only have to make them work for you. With links to the latest release or what they might consider a good deal, that will increase your traffic.

Most importantly, that’s the kind of traffic that has the highest chance of converting in sales.

2. Go Blog

Creating content increases the authority of your website.

Developing posts to add to a blog of your online shop isn’t a waste of time. Yes, the customers that want to buy a product won’t read the articles. However, your center should be the organic traffic you’ll get from it.

It has already been proven that adding regular content related to the niche increases visits from search engines. Then, it’s possible to call the attention of these readers to your products. It could be an image, a link or some other call to action.

The fact is: it works.

Besides the links to your online shop itself, you can make a connection to the social web. Any social media such as Facebook or Instagram is mandatory to have a successful e-commerce business. You want people to talk about business and spread the word. If people share the posts, or simply visit your social pages through the blog, it’s a win.

You can also add forms in the blog to get more e-mails. That’s a good manner to link both the previous strategy and this one. Keep increasing your list of clients.

Let’s continue to take a look at what else you can do.

3. Create a Referral Program

Clients can generate more clients spreading the word.

Customers who already bought in your shop can be responsible for generating more traffic to it. It’s possible to create a referral program, which could benefit them somehow. You can offer specific or general discount, or another offer related to your products.

The point is: to receive the bonus, they must refer people who will actually convert into a purchase. That way, you avoid scams and make sure you are making a good deal.

You’ll get more traffic, conversions, and additions to the list to which we refer above. You can read more about how to create a referral program on the internet.

4. Find People With Influence

Influencers can make any business take off from anywhere.

Digital influencers have thousands, maybe millions of followers. These people actually look at what they post or recommend on a daily basis. A single mention to a product or your online shop could multiply your traffic many times.

If you are going to use this strategy, make sure your server and shopping system take care of a higher volume. That being the case, this could be the modern best advertisement solution.

Depending on the profile of influencer you are looking for, you don’t need to pay any money. That’s because influencers are people who do enjoy the same products as your prospects. It’s possible to receive a recommendation with a direct link in exchange for some of your products.

The recommendation of an influencer can show the product, how it works, and how to apply on a typical day. It’s much more appealing than regular ads on the web, which is a good reason to include it in this list.

Most influencers leave their contact on their page. Reaching them can be really easy. There are so many nowadays that it doesn’t take much time to figure which would be the best deal. Your shop can get a lot of traffic from this strategy.

In time, you have to learn about how to pick the right products for Dropshipping. The influencers will want to indicate stuff they are comfortable with.

Now, it’s time to summarize what you’ve learned about how to increase traffic to your online shop.

Final Considerations

Following good practices that increase the traffic of a website isn’t an easy path. However, it’s the one that pays off if enough effort, time and money are invested. We chose four of the most critical strategies in that matter, but there are many more.

The four of them walk together, without an excluding one. As a matter of fact, the ideal scenario is the combined use of such strategies.

In short, you’ve got to:

  1. Create, maintain and analyze an ever-increasing list of contacts to clients and prospects;
  2. Blog and create content to attract organic traffic;
  3. Create a referral program to stimulate recommendations that end up in new conversions and clients;
  4. Find digital influencers who can recommend the online shop and specific products.

There is no way to go wrong with your online shop, traditional or Dropshipping, by applying these strategies correctly.

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