How to Use Google Trends to Find Products to Sell

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How To Use Google Trends To Get Winning Products

Google Trends is a popular tool to find out trending keywords. Anyone with a G account to search how popular a specific term is. That function applies very well to Dropshipping because you check which products are currently famous.

The unlimited possibilities of insights using this tool make people want to know how to use google trends to find products to sell. There isn’t an easier way to do complete market research. You can discover what the public wants and update the catalog of your shop accordingly.

Without further delay, let’s follow a step-by-step guide throughout Google Trends. You’ll learn how to research products, identify excellent opportunities, and add them to your site.

1. Log-in to Google Trends

You can search what people in any place in the world is looking for.

All you need to do is to log-in to Google. If you don’t have an account, which is unlikely, you should sign-up. A Google account is important. With it, you can have access to many other features and tools, such as Google Analytics.

Where it’s written “Enter a search term or a topic,” you insert the word you want to search. You can choose to look for the search term or to analyze the Topic if it’s available.

2. Investigate the Term

You can find out about the increase in searches and seasonality at the same time.

Now that you have placed the term, you can customize your analysis. The first thing is to not be afraid of the results. The numbers don’t represent the number of queries, but only the proportion of interest.

As you can see, it’s possible to customize the location. The products may be sold worldwide, or perhaps you only need to know how a specific country behaves.

The first gold hint here is to set the longest possible period. That way, you’ll not only check the yearly seasonality but also how the searches have been increasing. In the example, you’ll figure that hoodies are becoming more popular with time.

Also, it’s possible to define if you want to search for a specific category. Besides that, configure if you want a complete Web Search or to look on News or Images database.

Let’s move on.

3. Where are the Clients?

Which country or city provides most of the visitors?

Google Trends allows you to check where your prospects live. Customization according to a city, metro or subregion is possible. The option of your choice depends on the strategy you are trying to build.

Why is it important to know the location?

Well, it matters if your engine or Dropshipping provider has a multilingual function. You can decide which translated content to exhibit on the website. Also, you can customize the needs according to the season of a particular country.

The example shows the states of a single country, but it could be several countries of a continent. Even all the countries in the world. English words usually are how people search for products on the internet. However, knowing the terms in other languages would be a plus to create a good selling strategy.

4. Analyze the Related Data

What are the related topics and queries?

After checking the geographic information, it’s time to analyze further. The most crucial point is down below. There, you’ll find the topics that are related to it. That’s a good manner of finding out which products could be indicated on the product page.

Next to it, all the queries on the search engine that are related to that one of your interest. You can filter according to the top ones within the period, or those which are increasing in importance.

5. Specific to Google Shopping

The graphic shows that people get more interested in jackets closer to Winter.

This time, we kept the United States for the example on purpose. That way, we can analyze the seasonality of a product. Also, it could work setting to the entire world, but it could generate some complex data.

As expected, the simple example of a jacket shows increasing interest when the season of Winter comes. Using that information, you can customize discounts, sales, and other strategies to attract customers at the right time.

Now you know how to use Google Trends to find products to sell. However, there is one final and small step to take. It will help you to get new ideas, now that you know how to work the ones you already have.

6. Check the Current Trends

Find out what the world is talking about.

Back to the homepage of Google Trends, you can open the left menu and explore its options. One of them is excellent to be a step ahead of the competition.

The Trending Searches is a tool that shows a daily check of what people are talking about. In the example, we have a film that is about to premiere. If the Dropshipping shop sells stuff related to movies, geeks or similar, it could help.

How the daily news on trending searches will impact your business depends on your products. Also, your strategy will define how fast you can convert the information into products that sell.

That is just another manner to use Google Trends to find products to sell. Checking it once a day for a few minutes is enough. From that, you can get an insight that will reveal itself a pot of gold. You can read about how to improve your creativity, using general information in your favor.

Final Thoughts

Google Trends is an excellent tool that can help you investigate the interest of your prospects. Apply the knowledge of seasonality and related items to insert the product and promote it accordingly. That way, you will increase the conversion rate, no doubt.

More than a unique tool to investigate search queries, it can help to generate new ideas. Looking at the trends around the world, you can get ideas before your competition realizes the opportunity.

By customizing towards keywords of products, you can also increase the SEO ranking for your Dropshipping Store.

It’s time to begin.

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