The Keys to Succeeding With Facebook Ads

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The Facebook advertising platform is the most powerful marketing tool on the planet. Today we’re going to be talking about the keys to succeeding with Facebook ads. If you’re not using it for your dropshipping business, I have to ask why not? Facebook ads are scalable and allow for passive income. This is great news for dropshippers as you are able to focus on growing your online business.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Facebook is a notoriously difficult advertising platform to learn. There are a lot of moving parts and for a beginner, things can get a little confusing. Don’t worry, if you read all the Facebook articles here at MyDrop.Shop, you’ll be completely fine!

If you’re a beginner starting Facebook ads, it’s important not to get overwhelmed initially. There is no point diving head first only to end up drowning. What we’re going to talk about shortly are the keys to succeeding with Facebook ads. Without further  ado, let’s dive in!

The Keys to Succeeding With Facebook Ads – Income

To succeed with Facebook ads, you should have a reasonable portion of change to spend on it. The more the better honestly but I know not everyone is in a strong financial position. The minimum I’d recommend would be $500 as Facebook can get expensive honestly.

The more advertisers using Facebook, the more competition rises and thus prices do too. It’s still cheap compared to physical avenues of advertising but important to note regardless. I advise everyone who is starting paid traffic to make sure they have money coming in. The most obvious reason for this is to fund your campaigns.

Another reason is a psychological aspect. If you are low in funds, it will be much harder for you to invest in paid traffic. If you have a lot of money to spend, losing fifty dollars will not be a big deal at all. With Facebook ads, you will lose money. This is inevitable. The more money you lose, the more successful you can become in fact.

I say this because I have looked at the biggest dropshippers in the world. They make tons of losing ad sets every day. However, they find a few that are profitable. Those few that are profitable are then scaled which makes up for the rest of the losing ad sets.

Remember, scared money doesn’t make money. If you are scared to part with $100, it will be difficult to make $1000. This is one of the keys to succeeding with Facebook ads.


Facebook thrives on data. The more relevant data you feed it, the better it will perform and the more money you will make. The key to doing this is to make at least one new ad set every day. If you stick to this rule, you will keep finding winning ad sets and continue to be profitable.

If you can keep this habit, you will find success with Facebook ads. Most people make a few Facebook ads and then complain it doesn’t work. You have to persevere because it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme

Every ad set will not be a home run. This is the reality you must accept. You can improve your chances by increasing the variability of your adsets. Introducing more creatives and targeting options will help your cause tremendously.

Creatives are the picture or video you use for the ad. Videos outperform images the majority of the time but you should test an image just to be sure. Videos are far more captivating than a single image is.

Increasing the variability of your ad sets is one of the keys to succeeding with Facebook ads. Remember this when you start your Facebook ads journey.

Start a Dropshipping Business
Dropshipping with MyDrop.Shop


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