Picking the Right Products for Dropshipping

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You can have everything setup correctly but if your products suck you won’t get any sales. This is why picking the right products for dropshipping is so important.The reality is the first product you test may not be a winner. You may have to test numerous ones before you find one that sells really well. With that said, don’t limit yourself to only a couple of products. Have at least 5-10 you could potentially test. Remember though it only takes one product to make an absolute killing!

To start off, type a few niche related keywords into the search bar. Once you’ve done that, sort products by “Most orders”. This will give you an idea of what products are doing well and what aren’t.

Here are a few factors to look out for when picking the right products for Dropshipping:

Picking the Right Products for Dropshipping

Good reviews – You want to sell products that customers like, make sense right? This will dramatically increase the chances that your customers are going to like them as well. Look out for products with an average rating above 4 stars. They don’t have to be a perfect 5 stars every time but 4 stars is a good benchmark.

Orders – This may seem counterintuitive but give me a second. Avoid products with over 10000 orders. These have likely been dropshipped to death already. This means the chances of you striking gold are low. You want products that are well reviewed but have yet to take off. Just think, you could be the lucky person who finds a diamond in the rough. This is the truth about picking the right products for dropshipping.

There isn’t a lower limit to the number of orders a product should have. It may have just come on the market and is yet to be a winner. The seller may have closed down and another one may have opened up. This means the product is back to 0 orders but in reality it could have been 500 beforehand. Products with few orders could mean big bucks. Most dropshippers are lazy and will stop looking after the first page. You may find a winner on page 2 or 3, you never know.

Remember it’s not an exact science. There is no one hundred percent full proof method to finding a successful product. That’s why testing is important. Don’t worry you’ll become better at product selection with time. It’s like a muscle, you need to train it to get better!

Price – In the beginning I’d recommend you start selling cheap products. This is because they sell better which will allow you to see some sales early on. The profit margins will be less but that shouldn’t be a concern if you are a straight beginner. Once you’ve got your feet wet you can move onto higher priced products with higher profit margins. It’s not uncommon to sell a $20 product on Aliexpress for $60. The problem is it’s harder to do than selling a $2 product for $10. For now, stick to the cheap products and focus on getting your first sale.

Good images – Your products should have good images available. This means high quality and no water marks or logos. If there are logos you can color over these no problem. Ideally you want images of your product in use. This means pictures of people using or wearing your product. This is known as “demonstration” and it increases conversions. Basically people want to see other people using products. Not hard to understand right?

Wow Factor – Yep you heard me. This is essential when picking the right products for dropshipping.You want products that have that wow factor. Think about it, your potential customer is scrolling Facebook. What is going to make them stop and take notice? It can’t be some generic product they see every day. If that’s the case they’ll ignore the advert and keep scrolling. You want a cool product that makes them stop and take notice. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive though. You can find awesome products for less than a dollar sometimes. Instead of a plain blue dog collar think glow in the dark dog collar. You don’t see one of those everyday now do you?

USP (Unique Selling Point) – Remember that dog collar we just talked about? (c’mon it was literally two seconds ago. Well you ideally want products that have a unique selling point. This will give your audience a reason to buy. With the glow in dark dog collar we can say “Stop your dog from getting ran over in the dark!” This is a strong reason to buy. Now what dog owner wouldn’t want to stop their dog from getting ran over in the dark? A bad one that’s what. Good reasons to buy make good sales.

How about a phone case charger? That solves a problem of phones running out of battery while on the go. It also functions as a protector as well. This is the kind of functionality you want to look for. If your product solves a problem for people, that’s a good sign.

Ideally your product should solve a problem and have that wow factor. It may not always be the case but at least one of these is vital. The goal should be to give your potential customer no choice but to buy. Once you’ve done that, dropshipping becomes very easy.

You can also start a general store instead. This would mean you could sell anything and everything you wanted without sticking to a niche. Most experts would advise against this in the beginning. The reason being is they are much harder to market if there is no uniting entity. I hope you enjoyed this article on picking the right products for Dropshipping .

Start a Dropshipping Business
Dropshipping with MyDrop.Shop

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