How to Setup the Perfect Facebook Ad Set

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So you want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set? Well you’ve come to the right place. Facebook is also the best advertising platform in the world right now. There are a number of reasons for this. Let’s discuss the reasons for this first.

Scalability – The ability to scale on Facebook is unparalleled. You can quite easily double your revenue without much added effort. This is only if you know exactly what you’re doing of course. Don’t worry though, you’ll be an expert with MyDrop.Shop in no time at all.

Scaling is when you increase your ad spend budget to increase your sales. If you are spending one dollar to get two dollars back, why not spend 100 dollars to get 200 dollars back? Many do and they profit enormously. Scaling is not a perfect science or else everyone would be spending 1 million to get 2 million and more. Scaling correctly takes skill but a beginner can scale to up to four figures a day.

The great thing about scaling is it doesn’t require that much more work. To go from one hundred to a thousand a day doesn’t require ten times more effort. This opens up the doors for more people to scale and have great success dropshipping.

Passivity – Most of the work with Facebook ads will come in the beginning as you set up your ads. Once they are profitable, you can actually leave them alone. While you leave them alone, they can still be making sales and earning you money.

If you do everything correct, an ad can continue to make you sales for a year or more. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, eating or playing golf. Your Facebook ad can still be making money for you.

Imagine each ad set you make as a salesman working for you. Everyday they are selling your products to potential customers. Some ad sets make more sales and are thus better salesmen.

Becoming a digital nomad is all the rage these days. Everyone seems to be dreaming of working four hours a week from their laptop in Bali. This dream can now become a reality with the help of Facebook ads. They can be set up and left to make you money every day of the year, even Christmas!

Overtime you can hire more ad sets and eventually have an army of salesmen making you money day in day out. This is the reality for the best dropshippers and it’s what we’re aiming for at MyDrop.Shop

Market Reach – Everyone wants to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set. There’s a good reason for that. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. This means everyone is on Facebook and that’s good news for us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the dog niche or the vegan niche, they’re all on Facebook. Instagram advertising is also available with Facebook ads. This expands you reach even further.

How to Setup the Perfect Facebook Ad Set – Campaign

Let’s get started on our journey to discover “how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set”. First things first, you’re going to want to create a business manager account on your Facebook profile. This is an easy step which doesn’t need shown. Google is your best friend if you’re stuck.

In order to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set, go to the Ads Manager section of your Business manager. You should be taken to a screen that looks like below:

We will be creating a new campaign as this is the first campaign we are setting up. As dropshippers, the marketing objective we are aiming for is “conversions” on the right column.

Selecting this objective will allow us to optimize for purchases and enhance our ability to get sales on our store. Remember, Facebook ads is extremely popular and it has a lot of different uses. Businesses from all walks of life use it so there will be options not useful or applicable to us.

By selecting our marketing objective as conversions, we are essentially telling Facebook what we want to achieve. If we selected “Store visits” Facebook would try and get us as many store visits as possible. This is different than telling Facebook to get conversions as you’ll learn soon.

An important point to make here is the Facebook algorithm is incredibly smart. It has so much data available which allows it to find the perfect customer for you.

Campaign Name

Next you’ll be asked to name your campaign. I suggest you use the name of the product you’re selling. In our example, we’ll call it “Purge Mask” as we’re going to be creating an ad set for selling purge masks.

I would leave the two options below the name off for now. There are a lot of customization options available in Facebook but we’re going to keep it simple as this is our first campaign. Later down the road, you can begin to experiment more in order to optimize your campaigns.

Ad Account

This section is quick yet very important. You should select the correct country , currency and time zone of where you reside. I have selected these options as I live in the UK. Yours are likely different so you don’t have to copy mine.

You could also use USD as your currency if you don’t reside in the USA. This is because most of your customers will be dealing in dollars so it may be convenient to you.

Using the same currency on your store and Facebook ads account is a good idea for congruency purposes. There are apps that allow the price to be shown in your customers native currency as well.

Making the Ad Set

If you wanted to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set, now would be the time to pay attention. This is the meat and potatoes of Facebook advertising and where many say “the magic happens”.

We’re going to name the ad set after we’ve completely set it up. Our next step is to select a conversion event. We are selecting Purchases and this will always be the case.

Some dropshippers say you should select View Content initially and then move onto Add to Cart followed by Purchases finally. I and many other experts disagree with this as it goes against the function of the Facebook algorithm.

When we select a conversion event we are basically telling Facebook what to look out for. If we select View Content, Facebook will find us lots of people who are notorious window shoppers.

They may like our ad but they will be less likely to buy our product. If we select Add to Cart, Facebook will find us people who are notorious for adding products to cart but less likely to buy them.

When we select a conversion event we are basically telling Facebook what to look out for. If we select View Content, Facebook will find us lots of people who are notorious window shoppers.

They may like our ad but they will be less likely to buy our product. If we select Add to Cart, Facebook will find us people who are notorious for adding products to cart but less likely to buy them.

By selecting Purchases, we are telling Facebook to go out and find us people who have a good chance of buying our product.

Location – Next we’re going to select the location where we will be running our ad. In this example we’re going to advertise worldwide but we’re going to exclude some countries with a low ROI.

These low ROI places are the continent of Africa followed by the countries China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Indonesia. It is best to start off broad when using Facebook.

If you find most of your purchases are coming from a few countries, you can narrow your targeting further down the line. Some dropshippers only target “the big 5” countries which are USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada but ad costs can be more expensive this way.

There is always room to experiment further down the line after all.

Age, Gender, and Language 

We are keeping things broad yet again. The age range can be left at 18-65+ and the gender can be left at All. You may have a product which you believe only college girls will buy.

I would warn you not to narrow your targeting so soon. This is because you may be surprised with your results. A lot of parents may end up buying the product for their daughters. Imagine if you narrowed the selection too soon. You would miss out on so many sales.

For language, we’re going to select English (All). We only want people who can read our ad to see it. There would be no point showing it to people who cannot even understand it.

Detailed Targeting

For each ad set, we are going to target one interest. There is such a wide range of possibilities here which means anyone and anything can be targeted.

Everyone overcomplicates the targeting when they want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set. The truth is it isn’t that difficult.

As we are creating an ad set to sell purge masks, targeting the word Rave. You know the disco thing you people go to, right?

Do you see that box beside the “Expand interests…” sentence? Make sure you untick it.

Yes it may sound good but it rarely produces good results. Trust me on that. This is an easy mistake to watch out for if you want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set.

Now we going to click “Narrow audience” and search and select for Engaged Shoppers. This means we will only be targeting people who have a track record of buying products online.

If someone buys a lot of products online they are much more likely to buy ours. This will improve our chances of becoming profitable with our dropshipping store.


We are going to unselect everything apart from Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds. Facebook tends to want us to place our ad in more areas but the results aren’t great from my experience.

Want to know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set? Facebook and Instagram feeds are a great place to start.

You should test all these placements further down the line. However if you’re just beginning, it’s better to stick with the placements which have the best track record.


This is how much money your ad set is going to spend every day. You will have multiple ad sets running at once so it can become expensive.

The good thing is results can be achieved with five dollars a day. From there you can scale you ad set and spend more if it is profitable. Some people think you have to spend ten dollars a day to achieve results. This is simply not true.

Spending ten dollars a day will get you results faster but you can still get results with five dollars. Dropshipping is one of the cheapest businesses you can start. The largest expenses actually come from ad sets like the one we just created. Now you know how to setup the perfect Facebook ad set!

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