How to do Facebook Interest Targeting for BIG Sales

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We’re back with another Facebook ads article ladies and gentlemen and for good reason. Facebook ads is the most powerful advertising platform known to man. That’s why we’re learning how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

After reading this, you’ll know exactly what to target to get the money rolling in. I need to preface this by saying there are many ways to use Facebook ads. Different experts use different tactics so there is no one-size-fits-all model although there are key principles. 

If you want to learn about making amazing Facebook ads, click here. Our Facebook ads series will ensure you’re a professional with the platform. This will put you in a great position to win with ecommerce.

Relevant Audiences

Let’s talk about what interest targeting actually is. Interests are selected at the ad set level. When we include an interest in our targeting, we are telling Facebook to look for people who share this common interest. This can help to find a relevant audience and covert them into customers.

We will be carrying on our good old Purge Mask example. Who can we target that would be interested in buying our purge mask? As it turns out, people like to wear purge masks at raves. This is because they look cool and light up in the dark. We could target people who are interested in raves.

Interest Targeting is a Stepping Stone

This means anyone who Facebook knows has shown interest in raves could be shown our ad. These people will be more likely to buy our mask than the average person on the street. Targeting is essential to know how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales. It isn’t the end all and be all however.

Interest targeting is the first step in a products Facebook ads journey. Once you have collected enough data, Lookalike Audiences (LLA) can be created. These are typically even more powerful as Facebook can create hyper targeted audiences which are relevant to your product.

You can’t achieve LLA without first doing interest targeting. Both are vital to become a highly profitable dropshipper. Even when you have lots of LLA ads, your interest targeting ads can still perform very well. Some of my first interest audience ads are still making me money to this very day.

How to do Facebook Interest Targeting for BIG Sales – Multiple Interest Variations

Facebook is not an exact science and we can never be completely confident our mask will sell to this audience. Facebook will only show our ad to a small minority of this audience. This is simply the way Facebook advertising works. To increase our chances of finding a winning ad set and making lots of sales, we need to target more interests.

We do not target multiple interests in a single ad set generally. What we do instead is create multiple ad sets each targeting a different interest. For this we must think of other audiences who would be interested in buying our purge mask.

My preferred style is to create ten different ad sets for one product each at five dollars a day. This will greatly improve our chances of finding a winning ad set. The truth is most of these will fail initially. However the few that succeed can be scaled to make us much more money. That’s an article for another day though! Let’s focus on how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

Financial Statistics

Ten five dollars a day ad sets means you will be spending fifty dollars on the first day. This will not be a repeated occurrence however because once they spend your Break Even Point (BEP) without a sale, the ad set will be turned off.

The BEP can be calculated by subtracting the Aliexpress price of the product from the price you’re selling the product at. You don’t have to use 10 ad sets but I would say 5 is the minimum. The more variation, the better!

For example, let’s say we sell our purge mask for $25 and it’s selling for $8.82 on Aliexpress. That’s a healthy $16.18 profit margin. Once our ad set spends $16.18 without a sale, turn it off. This will ensure we don’t spend too much money on a product that won’t sell. Remember the data we collect is stored on our pixel which can be valuable to us in the future.

What Size Should Your Audience Be?

If you remember from our “How to setup the perfect Facebook ad set” we are targeting worldwide (excluding a few areas) and also narroing our interest down by Engaged Shoppers. This ensures we are targeting people who have a history of buying products online. These people will be much more likely to buy our products also!

Facebook will give us the estimated size of our audience. Many people have audiences which are too small. This can affect the performance of your ad set. Facebook prefers larger audiences because they give Facebook a chance to target the most relevant subset of the audience.

If your audience is too small from the outset, Facebook will have little room to play with. Your audience size should be at least one million if you want to know how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales. You can go much larger than this but make sure to get above it.

What Interests to Target

It’s time to create ten tremendous ad sets. With each ad set, we should try and target a different group of people who will be interested in our purge mask. We already have Raves as an interest, what about the other nine? A good way to break this down in general is to target three magazines, three public figures and three websites.

The fastest way to create 10 ad sets is to select the “Create multiple new ad sets” at the top.

HowtodoFacebook InterestTargetingforBIGSales1

When you go down to interest targeting you can now click the “Add detailed targeting variation” to create another ad set interest. You should have 10 targeting variations by the end of the process in order to find out  how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

The interest “Rave” will be our first. This is a god starting point and we can find relevant suggestions from here.


The great thing is Facebook helps us find relevant interests for us to target. By selecting “Suggestions” Facebook will provide us with other ideas to use in our ad sets.

The first suggestion is “Electronic dance music” and it could be a great second interest to target. It is 79 million in size which ensures it is big enough for us to use. Using the suggestions tab is essential in knowing how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

Don’t forget to remove rave as an interest once you have found another one to use. Remember, we only want one interest per ad set. Also, remember to narrow by Engaged Shoppers and uncheck the “Expand interests” box. Not doing these can interfere with your results!

Targeting the movie Purge is a great idea. People who are interested in the movie Purge may be interested in the mask.

For our fourth ad set, I used Electronic Dance Music to find Tomorrowland under suggestions. This is an electronic music festival. People who like Tomorrowland may want to buy our mask and wear it next time they go.

I thought targeting David Guetta could work for our fifth targeting variation. He is a big dance music DJ so people who are interested in him may be interested in our mask.

Mix it Up

It’s important to mix up the style of interest. We shouldn’t target 10 festivals or 10 DJs or 10 films. Mixing between different styles of interests will give us a much wider scope for achieving results. Thinking outside the box is key to know how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

Targeting a Halloween interest would be another fantastic idea. Our purge mask sales usually spike before Halloween as people are looking for costumes. People interested in Halloween Costumes may want to buy our mask to complete their look.

I used the film The Purge to find the interest Costume Party under suggestions. It has a size of 12 million so it’s large enough for Facebook to optimize with.

Ultra is another big dance festival. I used Tomorrowland by suggestions to find it. I hope you’re realising now this is an investigation more than anything else. You have to rely on clues and intuition to decipher possible audiences interested in the product.

Cosplay is my variation 9 interest. These are people who like to dress up as fictional characters so maybe they’re interested in our mask? Who knows, there’s only one way to find out.

Our final interest is Wrestling Mask. This may seem random but it could be a winner. Our mask actually looks like a lot of wrestling masks so we could be onto something.

There we go folks. We now have 10 awesome interests to target. Now we know how to do Facebook interest targeting for big sales.

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